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About Regenerair Natural Moso Bamboo Air Purifying Pockets

How Do Regenerair Pockets Work?

 Regenerair Natural Air Purifying Pockets are made from premium activated Moso bamboo charcoal. Our mission is to provide exceptional quality products at a low cost. Activated Moso bamboo charcoal contains millions of tiny little pores that can attract and absorb many types of odors, bacteria, moisture, chemicals and allergens out of the air like a magnetic sponge. It is completely fragrance free, non-toxic, and lasts up to two years. It is the most natural way to clean the air in your home, office or car.

Since people have discovered the beneficial natural properties of Regenerair Natural Air Purifying Pockets they are replacing traditional scented air fresheners that only cover up a bad odor and frequently contain dangerous chemicals such as formaldehyde and petroleum. We offer four different sizes that are able to solve air purifying issues of many types.

To use, simply place the product in or near the affected area. Within a short time (usually less than 1 day) the area should be noticeably fresher, drier, with less undesirable odors. Once a month, place it outside. The UV rays from the sun will clear out the pores of the bamboo charcoal even on cold days, making it ready to absorb again. After two years as an air purifier, the activated charcoal inside the bag makes a wonderful addition to your garden. Simply cut them open and sprinkle the contents into the soil and complete its life cycle back to into the earth.


Great For Your Home

 · Maintain a fresh and odor free home

· 100% Moso Bamboo Charcoal

· Fresh from nature

· Outer linen casing made from the Flax plant

· Sourced from sustainable plantations

· Environmentally friendly and safe

· Natural odor neutralizer and eliminator

· Activated charcoal for odor removal

· Purifies your home and maintain a fresh, breathable environment

· Incredibly effective natural deodorizer and air purifier

· Perfect for all types of spaces

· The perfect gift for friends and loved ones

· Designed by our team California USA



 · Cleans the air by trapping, filtering and absorbing airborne moisture

· Reduces mildew formation and pollutants known to trigger allergies

· Effective in cars, closets and medium spaces that gather odors



 · Incredible for pet lovers and messy cats or dogs

· Non-toxic and helps eliminate and absorb food, urine and fecal odor

· Fresh and natural

· Clear the environment of toxins without using harsh chemicals



· The complete home packages available

· Long lasting odor eliminator and air purifier reusable for up two years

· Activated carbon air purifier and dehumidifier

· Great for freshening smelly shoes, bathrooms, bedrooms, cupboards, fridges, freezers, dirty laundries, gym bags, and many other spaces

· The best odor remover and car air freshener

· For larger areas it is advisable to use larger bags for maximum effect

· Place in direct sunlight for at least one hour every month to rejuvenate

· Reusable for up to two years

· Place in direct sunlight for at least one hour every month to rejuvenate

· Regenerate back into the soil after two years of use



· Lifetime warranty for the life of the product available from the authorized seller Regenerair

· Reach out to us for anything you need; we are dedicated to your satisfaction

Available at in the USA and in Australia.

Regenerair's team is proud to provide premium natural products for your home which are safe for your entire family. Connect with us below or email us at We would LOVE to hear from you.

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